CussenGhai Photography | About

I started out writing and directing for TV, then trained as a photographer. Either way, it's all about telling stories - whether at a wedding, a party or a sporting event. It's about a big day.   My approach is contemporary and very informal, I like to hang back and catch the moments without being bossy about poses.  Whatever the event, I aim to capture your memories and all the atmosphere, which includes guests, spectators and anyone with a dog.   Having said that I will happily organise and take a number of  group photos from the occasion  because when else do you get all your favourite people together, looking fabulous?  I speak from experience - I have no photos with all my siblings from my own wedding and have always regretted it. 

Before any event I like to have a long chat to get to know you so that  your personality will then shine through the photos I take.

I live in London but am always happy to travel and am often joined by  a trusty assistant who can help capture even more photos, so inobtrusively you won't know they are there.